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(Note:  The following worksheets are Microsoft Word files.  You have the option to download them directly, or to open them immediately with the Microsoft Word program in your computer.  Also, the Worksheets are also applicable to both the TI-83 Plus, and the TI-84 calculators since the statistics commands are the same for all.)

WS #1 TI-83 Fundamentals

WS #8 Scientific Notation

WS#20 Reference - Statistics Problem Type to Worksheet #

WS #21 Histograms

WS #22 Mean, Median, Standard Deviation, Box Plots

WS #23 Normal Distributions

WS #24 Scatter Plots, Correlation and Linear Regression

WS #25 Selecting Random Numbers

WS #26 Proportions: Confidence Intervals and Hypotheses Tests

WS #27 Normal Probability Plot

WS #28 Means: Confidence Intervals and Hypotheses Tests

WS #29 Comparing Counts - The Chi-Square Distribution

WS #30 Inference for Regression

WS #31 Analysis of Variance

WS #32 Multiple Regression