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MATH 146 SYLLABUS                   WINTER QUARTER 2013
Introduction to Statistics, SECTION 2 (item 1273), 9:30 Daily, Room 2932

section 3 (Item 1275), 10:30 daily, room 2932


Mike Moran
Office: Room 2813
Office Hours: 9:05-9:25 AM Daily
11:25 - 11:50 AM Monday-Thursday
Home Phone: 425-454-3183


Text: STAT 2e, JOHNSON/KUBY. The Shoreline book store sells this book bundled with WebAssign and an e-copy of the book for $75. To purchase only WebAssign and the e-copy of the book on line only costs $75. You will not be required to bring a book to class.

WebAssign Access: (Required) This is a required web based homework system.  A prepaid access code comes with each book purchased new.  Access is free for first 14 days, so do not use the code until you are sure you will remain in the course. See "Homework Procedures" for instructions on the use of WebAssign. 

To sign up for webassign, after 8:00 AM on January 7

go to Under "Account Log In" select "I have a class key" then enter the key: shoreline 6223 2581 for the 9:30 class, or shoreline 2735 7926 for the 10:30 class.

TI-83 , TI-84 (Required)
.  TI-83 Graphing calculators can be rented at the Shoreline Bookstore for $27 per quarter. Supplies of rental calculators are limited, so you should get there early.

Chapter Notes: (Required) PDF files of all of the overheads used in class.  The are the website and should be downloaded to form the basis of your class notes. These files also contain detailed instructions on how to use the TI-83 calculator.
TI-83 Add-in Programs (Required).  These are statistics programs that need to be downloaded into the TI-83 Calculators by the instructor.  The add-in program descriptions are found on the web site under TI-83 Help - Add-in Programs.

Math Learning Center: Located in Room 2201. Individual tutors are available to answer questions. Computers are available so you can work on webassign and get questions answered. Hours of operation are:
Monday - Wednesday, 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Tuesday - Thursday, 8:00 AM to 6:15 PM.
Friday 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Closed Saturday and Sunday.

Course Description:

Analysis of of data, elementary probability, inference testing for proportions, means, and counts, and correlation and linear regression.

Course Content:

1.  Statistics
2.  Descriptive Analysis
4.  Probability
6.  Normal Probability Distribution
7.  Sampling Variability
8.  Introduction to Statistical Inferences
9.  Inferences Involving One Population
10. Inferences Involving Two Populations
11. Applications of Chi-Square
12. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
3.   Correlation and Linear Regression


Final Exam: 30%.  The final exam with cover all of the material in the course. Final exams taken later than the scheduled date are discounted 5% for each day late.

Tests: 30%.  There will be three tests.  You may drop the lowest test score.  With notification prior to test time, a student, for good reason, may schedule an alternate time to take the test no later than the day following class.  Tests taken on the day following class are worth a maximum of 95 points.  No more than one test my be rescheduled.  

Homework 30%.
  Homework assignments during a week are due on Monday at 10 PM of the following week.  Homework assignments average three per week, each having an average of 7 problems.  Homework assignments submitted on time are worth a maximum of 100 points.  Two extensions of up to three days may be used if requested by Friday at 10PM of the following week.  Problems completed during an extension are worth 85% of full credit. You may drop the lowest homework score. 

Classwork 10%.
Classwork consists of work that is done in class as part of the development of new material and turned in at the end of class.  Students may collaborate on classwork problems, but each student must submit a separate paper.   There is no make-up for missed classwork.  You may drop the lowest classwork score.

Grading Scale:
Grade Average%       Final Grade        
            90 +                   4.0                      
            80-89              3.0-3.9                      
            70-79              2.0-2.9                      
            60-69              1.0-1.9                    
            57-59              0.7-0.9                       
            <57                    0.0 

Note: Credits earned with a final grade of less than 1.0 may not be transferred to other colleges.                

Test Schedule:

Test #1: Tuesday, January 29
Test #2: Wednesday, February 20
Test #3: Tuesday, March 12

Final Exams
9:30 Class: Friday, March 22, 9:30 - 11:20
10:30 Class: Wednesday, March 20
, 9:30 - 11:20


Attendance:  School policy requires students to attend all classes.  Common courtesy dictates that students arrive on time and stay to the completion of each class.  Cell Phones, IPODS, or IPADS may not be used in on test days.

Cheating:  The School has a policy of no cheating.  For example, copying tests, changing test answers after grading and presenting for credit, or submitting classwork for another student will result in a zero grade on the paper which cannot be dropped from the final grade.  Penalties for cheating may range up to a zero class grade.

School Closures

If the school is forced to suspend operations due to weather of any other reason, this course will continue in an e-earning mode.

Assignments will be posted on the webassign calendar. Students will read the Chapter Notes associated with the section and complete the webassign problems associated with the sections. The "ask you teacher" link in webassign will be used to respond to student questions in e-learning mode.